OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Don't Tell Me How To (Live) LP

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Don't Tell Me How To (Live) LP

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Don't Tell Me How To (Live)

Preorder. Out Novemeber 13th! 

1    Death    1:12
2    Disappear    3:36
3    Be Good    3:31
4    You Will Die    3:12
5    No Love    2:52
6    Nightlife    2:29
7    Focus On Your Own Family    2:25
8   Shirts    3:10
9   Jackie Lee    1:51
10    Janie    2:22
11    Seek Advice Elsewhere    2:27
12    Tear Me Apart    2:32
13    Locking Eyes    5:44
14   Clear The Air    4:36


From Ryan Young (OWTH/ Anxious and Angry)

This is the same show that was released on Bandcamp for a day this summer. Due to the lack of live music and the positive reaction to it, we decided to make it "a thing". So I teamed up with my old friend Todd C at Recess Records to bring you a limited vinyl run. It's a Recess release, but Anxious and Angry is going to handle the pre order.  (Now we are doing preorders...right?)



There are only 500 of each color variant. (Recess has less than half of those)

This record comes out digitally on all platforms Friday November 13th (spooky). I will be shipping the LPs as soon as they arrive, in the order they came in. As with anything, that isn't a guarantee it will be our by digital release day. However, if it's early, you might luck out!


    Vinyl Color

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