01. SCREAMING FEMALES - Ancient Civilization 

02. TENEMENT - I Wouldn't Let You Go




Two of my favorite bands on one split. —TC




We met Screamales a long time ago during their first trip to California. When they recall the story it's just me watching them play while all the other show attendees were outside bbq'ing. I'm pretty sure there were others watching them, but I wouldn't know. I ate a special cookie that day and was zoning in on how many pedals the guitar player was setting up. Every time I see that happening with a band, whom I don't know, I always think "Ok they're gonna suck." But the cookie kept me inside waiting for them to play. Half positivity, half too fuckin freaked to go outside where anything could happen. Then the band just exploded into their set. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, wipe tears off my face, and ask myself tons of questions before I realized what was going on. "Who the hell is this?! Is this my favorite living guitar player?!? Is this cookie for real?!" I mean, "how good is this bbq outside?!?!?" Last I checked Buddy Guy and Jeff Beck are still alive, right?! Yea, put the fucking hot dog down!! I'm not afraid to admit that Marissa's guitar playing was the initial element that reeled me in. Almost freakshowish. And it's extra hard to admit that after realizing how bad ass Mike and Jarrett hold it down! Every part is just as important than the next in this freakshow! It can't be this way if any bolt gets detached. Not unlike a car engine, or Richard Simmons.




Tenement's Napalm Dream album is on heavy rotation here at Recess. I hate using other bands as references, but I wouldn't be going out on a limb if I said that if you like Superchunk you will not hate this. But I won't say that. If I do, Stevo will call me out on Punknews or something. If this is considered "pop-punk" then you are all in luck. You no longer have to listen to our contemporaries shovel out the watered down red punch that's nothing better than a 5000 times xeroxed Blink 182. Go ahead and purge! Your hair was in the toilet ... DISGUSTING! Feel better? Ok. There's no pretentiousness with this band. The real deal is here. It's your choice to climb aboard or not. You will no longer have an itch to vomit in the back of your mind no more. Sadly enough, if Tenement goes to a city like say, LA, I'll have fingers leftover when counting the people who'd care. Is that Tenement's fault? Hell no! That is a big compliment in my book. If Wisconsin was already a great state, Tenement make it even better! Sorry for the geography, but it will make you buy this record, right?






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