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SCREECHING WEASEL - Kill The Musicians VOL.1 LP (4 vinyl colors to choose)

SCREECHING WEASEL - Kill The Musicians VOL.1 LP (4 vinyl colors to choose)

To everyone who ordered this. We are aware of a sound quality issue on side 1 of KTM Vol.1. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We are working with the manufacturer on a resolution. At this time, we are expecting to ship replacements to all of you at a later date and we'll reach out as soon as we know when we can expect them at our warehouse. We understand this is very frustrating and wish we had more news to offer. It has been beyond stressful. In the meantime, thank you so much for your patience and we look forward to making this right.



Where do we even start? Well this was originally supposed to make it's vinyl debut many years ago but it only got to the test pressing stage and then aborted. Finally seeing the light of day via two seperate volumes  (THIS IS FOR VOL.1 ONLY) and a few different vinyl colors to choose from.



Track List:

  • "Kamala's Too Nice" (Weasel, Vapid) – 1:26
  • "Punkhouse" (Weasel, Jughead) – 2:14
  • "Fathead" (Weasel, Vapid, Jughead) – 1:16
  • "Good Morning" (Weasel) – 2:16
  • "I Need Therapy" (Weasel) – 1:21
  • "I Think We're Alone Now" (Ritchie Cordell) – 0:57
  • "Something Wrong" (Screeching Weasel) – 1:50
  • "This Bud's for Me" (Screeching Weasel) – 2:08
  • "I Wanna Be a Homosexual" (Weasel, Jughead, Vapid) – 3:04
  • "She's Giving Me the Creeps" (Weasel, Vapid) – 2:23
  • "I Fall to Pieces" (Hank Cochran, Harlan Howard) – 2:11
  • "Celena" (Weasel) – 3:49
  • "Radio Blast" (Weasel, Vapid) – 3:58
  • "The Girl Next Door" (Weasel) – 3:12
  • "Achtung" (Authorities) – 2:19


  • Track 1 previously released on the What Are You Pointing At? compilation 10-inch (Very Small Records, 1989)
  • Tracks 2-7 previously released as the Punkhouse 7-inch EP (Limited Potential, 1989)
  • Track 8 previously released on the They Don't Get Laid, They Don't Get Paid, But Boy, Do They Work Hard compilation LP (Maximum RockNRoll Records, 1989)
  • Tracks 9-11 previously released as the Pervo-Devo 7-inch EP (Shred of Dignity, 1992)
  • Track 12 previously released on the It's a Punk Thing, You Wouldn't Understand compilation LP (Shakefork Records, 1993)
  • Tracks 13 & 14 previously released as the "Radio Blast" 7-inch single (Underdog Records, 1993)



  • Ben Weasel - lead vocals, guitar
  • Jughead - guitar
  • Danny Vapid - bass, backing vocals
  • Danny Panic - drums
  • more
  • Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering



Pressing info:

500 Opaque Green

500 Transluscent Blue

500 Opaque Red

500 Black

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