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SCREECHING WEASEL - Kill The Musicians VOL.2 LP (4 vinyl colors to choose))

SCREECHING WEASEL - Kill The Musicians VOL.2 LP (4 vinyl colors to choose))

Where do we even start? Well this was originally supposed to make it's vinyl debut many years ago but it only got to the test pressing stage and then aborted. Finally seeing the light of day via two seperate volumes (THIS IS VOL.2 ONLY) and a few different vinyl colors to choose from.



ps. THIS IS A PREORDER!! If you order this now don't expect it for a few weeks. If you write me 48 hours later complaning you will be wasting your time. We're expecting to ship mid to late Dec. ALSO! There are 2 seperate volumes with this release. You must order BOTH if you want both! Don't hastily order one and then do a whole other order and demand a shipping refund. There will be way too many orders to be able to keep up with individual concerns when all you had to do is follow these instructions. Please understand this before purchasing. thanks!


Track List:

  • "Judy Is a Punk" (Douglas Colvin, John Cummings, Thomas Erdelyi, Jeffrey Hyman) – 1:21
  • "Chainsaw" (Colvin, Cummings, Erdelyi, Hyman) – 1:55
  • "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" (Colvin, Cummings, Erdelyi, Hyman) – 1:21
  • "Havana Affair" (Colvin, Cummings, Erdelyi, Hyman) – 1:38
  • "Soap Opera" (Weasel) – 2:37
  • "Stab Stab Stab" (Weasel) – 3:00
  • "Six A. M." (Weasel) – 2:16
  • "Hey Suburbia" (Weasel, Jughead) – 2:46
  • "The American Dream" (Weasel) – 0:39
  • "Mary Was an Anarchist" (Weasel) – 3:15
  • "Around on You" (Weasel, Vapid) – 2:50
  • "Goodbye to You" (Weasel, Vapid) – 1:44
  • "Veronica Hates Me" (live) (Weasel) – 3:02
  • "I Can See Clearly" (live) (Johnny Nash) – 2:19
  • "Supermarket Fantasy" (live) (Weasel) – 1:30
  • "The Science of Myth" (live) (Weasel) – 2:14
  • Tracks 16-19 previously released on the Ramones LP (Selfless Records, 1993)
  • Track 20 previously released on the Fallen Upon Deaf Ears compilation 10-inch (Skullduggery, 1994)
  • Track 21 previously released on the Screeching Weasel / Pink Lincolns split 7-inch EP (VML Records, 1993)
  • Tracks 24-27 previously released as the You Broke My Fucking Heart 7-inch EP (Lookout! Records, 1993).
  • Tracks 15, 22, 23, 28-31 previously unreleased



  • Ben Weasel - lead vocals, guitar
  • Jughead - guitar
  • Danny Vapid - bass, backing vocals
  • Danny Panic - drums
  • more
  • Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering



Pressing info:

500 Opaque Green

500 Transluscent Blue

500 Opaque Red

500 Black

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