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STONED AT HEART - Party Tracks, Vol. 1 (LP+DL/CD)

STONED AT HEART - Party Tracks, Vol. 1 (LP+DL/CD)


01. Question Mark 
02. Turn & Run Away 
03. 9th Fret 
04. Steppin' On Shells 
05. Your Image Is All You Got 
06. Exist 
07. Play Lame Blues 
08. I'm Not Using My Brain/Desperate 
09. When The Tigers Broke Free 
10. You'll Hear My Voice


Stoned At Heart is Todd, Jimmy, Chachi (Toys That Kill, F.Y.P & URTC) and Jessica (Baby J, Can Of Beans, Baby J & Friends).

We got together less than a year ago. I forgot why? I guess outta mutual love for each others songs, me and Baby J. Chachi and Jimmy make those songs sound waaay better than they were intended. We made plans to record (demo or whatever) and it fell right in the midst of us recording the Underground Railroad to Candyland in our own Clown Sound Studio (in my garage). So we decided "just one weekend and then back to URTC." We were so happy with the SAH sessions that we scrapped the current URTC session only to re-do it the right way! The learning curve is a motherfucker, yet a nice motherfucker indeed. —TC





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STONED AT HEART - Party Tracks, Vol. 1 
Download individual tracks or immediate download of 14-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.



• LP Includes Download 
• Download includes Entire Album and Demo Versions 
• Silk Screened / Hand Stamped Covers 
• CD Digipak 
• CD Courtesy of It's Alive Records

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