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TOYS THAT KILL - The Cult of ... (T-Shirt)

TOYS THAT KILL - The Cult of ... (T-Shirt)

Our pal Stefan Tis from Stardumb Records put out a Toys That Kill "Best of" LP, to coincide with our 2014 Europe tour. This is the art he made for the LP. Now on shirt. Light blue soft Anvil brand shirt. Tiny Recess logo on the back.


Model: Ryan Young 

Occupation: Off With Their Heads

  • Stuff To Know About Ordering

    As of recently our average time  getting packages out is two business days. Some go out same day and we are trying to do 95% same day. This is, by no means, a solid guarantee! We try but we just aren't Amazon. Please keep in mind that this is a small operation run by people who buy records online too. Certain circumstances make it easy for a package not to go out for longer (sometimes alot longer). We will email you if something is wrong so please set your junk boxes to like Recess Records. Either way, the main reason Recess exists is so you can listen to this music  and own the albums. If time goes by and something seems fishy just email us. We will fix it. You will never EVER ever EVER be ripped off. Ever. EVER. Dig?

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