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VACATION-Southern Grass... Vol.1 & Vol.2 LP's

VACATION-Southern Grass... Vol.1 & Vol.2 LP's

VACATION-Southern Grass:The Continuation of Rock n' Roll Vol.1 & Vol.2 LP's


1.Sharptooth Tinsel Town


3.Gimp Suit

4.Cold Meat 


6.Window Screen 

7.Bad Hunter 

8.El Bako

9.Blueberry Patch 

10.The Continuation of Rock and Roll 

11.Burnt Hair, Good Pair

12.Blue Caller 

13.Vile and Malevolent 

14.Two Decades From Now 

15.Caked Joy Rag 


17.Clumps of Love 

18.I Wanna Believe 


20.Sink Lower 

21.Teenage Fool 

22.Sucking Bricks 

23.Without You 

24.Lose Interest 

25.The Dirt, The Crumbs 


27.Everyone Can Touch Me 

28.Coffee Shop Window 

29.No Phenomena 


31.The All 

32.New Residue 


ATTENTION! You can order both volumes or one of them. Please select below! DO NOT ORDER ONLY ONE AND EXPECT BOTH.

Cincinnati, Ohio’s Vacation formed in 2009 as a trio, quickly putting out a slew of tapes, singles, and LPs on various DIY labels, while spreading their infectious pop-inspired punk through shows around their native Midwest and tours throughout the rest of the country. As a pillar of the ever-fertile Cincinnati music scene they also share, or have shared, members with bands including Tweens,Mardou, Swim Team, Black Planet, and Pretty Pretty. 
Their newest double LP on Recess Records "Southern Grass: The Continuation of Rock'n'Roll" Vol. 1 & 2 is as infectiously melodic as ever, but less frenetic, leaning heavily on the sounds and feels of fellow Ohioans and legendary Lo-Fi locals GBV.


Each volume has a LIMITED OF 100 white vinyl. Get em soon if you want one! Please select proper vol/package below. 



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Vacation-Southern Grass
Download individual tracks or immediate download of 13-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.



• Limited White Vinyl (100) or Mixed (400-random) Vinyl 
• LP Includes Download 
• Insert w/ Lyrics

Recess #202 & #203

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