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(Wholesale) F.Y.P - 5 Year Plan (CD)

(Wholesale) F.Y.P - 5 Year Plan (CD)


01. Stupid's On 
02. Come Home Smelly 
03. Outta My Head 
04. Pappy 
05. Hungover Girl 
06. Hey Gorbie 
07. Decorate 
08. I'm Gonna Kill Her 
09. Jerk Off 
10. 18 & Tweaked 
11. Love's Been No Good To Be 
12. Disease 
13. Keep Caroline 
14. Wherever The Creeps Go


Don’t ask me how Recess reached its 100th release, all I know is that when it came, I wanted it to be an F.Y.P release and fortunately I had some F.Y.P demo material in the vaults. The songs on this release are the demo versions for the last F.Y.P album (F.Y.P - Toys That Kill Recess#67). Some of the songs never made it to the last album and one ("Keep Caroline") later became a TOYS THAT KILL song. These versions, in our opinion, are a tad superior due to its rawness. This is the way F.Y.P should sound? Maybe. —T.C.



• LP Includes Download 
• iTunes

Recess #100

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