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(Wholesale) F.Y.P - My Man Grumpy (LP Italian Reissue)

(Wholesale) F.Y.P - My Man Grumpy (LP Italian Reissue)

Hey Suburbia / Radiation Records out in Rome, IT just did a super nice, limited, version of My Man Grumpy. Opaque yellow vinyl looks edible. Don't eat it. Limited to 500 but I have WAY less. Strike soon. Ok fine! You can eat it if you are hungry. 


Ps. This was mastered (not remastered! cos it was never originally mastered cos I didn't ,and still don't, know what I was doing) By Dave Williams. It sounds great and you can also hear this on streaming platforms!




01. Shitheel 

02. I Egged The President 

03. Undumb 

04. Rabid 

05. I Dunno What's Happening To Me 

06. I'm Over Now 

07. I'm Not An Elephant, I'm A Bafoon 

08. Pork Rinds & Yoohoo 

09. Buried 

10. Get Away (I Smell) 

11. Mother Fucker, Cheap Thumbsucker 

12. I Don't Wanna Live To See Tomorrow 

13. Chastity Belt Blues 

14. Allergic 

15. I Don't Wanna Carry Your Books 

16. Powerlines 

17. Superbowl Sunday 

18. Slitwrists




Produced by Blag Dahlia (the Dwarves)


4th album by and for the 4th graders who expect more outta there pun crock. 18-songs just for you, the kids. Amen. Originally Released in 1997.






Go here: 

F.Y.P - My Man Grumpy 

Download individual tracks or immediate download of 14-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.





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