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(Wholesale) FUTURE VIRGINS - Doomsday Raga LP (+DL)

(Wholesale) FUTURE VIRGINS - Doomsday Raga LP (+DL)

FUTURE VIRGINS - Doomsday Raga (LP+DL)


01. Ex-Pats
02. Book of Balance
03. The Mutuals
04. Love Is All You Need
05. Restoration Mtn 
06. Gilded Youth
07. Bill's Jam
08. Piss Ant Saga 
09. Credit to None 
10. Biblical Weather 
11. Swallows
12. Hard Boiled Rose
13. Props


To say that this album is late would be an understatement of all understatements. I can tell you everything that contributed to it's tardiness but we all know that would be redundant. It's the Recess way aint it! The fact that we have a new release in 2018 is good enough for me. Add to that, a GREAT album, and hey, the all-good button is pressed. 

This turned into a split release with Let's Pretend Records cos Sweet Pete offered his kind assistance to make this thing see the light of day. 



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Future Virgins - Doomsday Raga
Download individual tracks or immediate download of 13-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.


• Red Vinyl (200 overall) Black Vinyl (300)
• LP Includes Download 
• Lyric sheet

Recess #196

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