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(Wholesale) MODERN MACHINES - Take it, Somebody! (LP/CD)

(Wholesale) MODERN MACHINES - Take it, Somebody! (LP/CD)


01. Get It Right 
02. Flash Infatuation 
03. Elegy for Love 
04. You're Getting Married 
05. Pay Off for the Hangman 
06. Course I Do 
07. (Can't Let You) Slip Through My Hands 
08. Cheap Rent, Cheap Beer, Cheap Shots 
09. Road I Didn't Take 
10. What I Be Leavin' 
11. Treadmill Waltz


These guys are really "on it!" They come thru yer town, play, wam bam, thank you maam and then all of a sudden they are back ... with the same box o' wine! Now they have van problems and people start to worry. I think they will pull out of this just fine cos i just lit a candle. I have been listed in charge of delivering the vinyl to your house. A lyric sheet will be delivered instantly with album delivery. None of this 2 to 9 month crap!



• Two-Sided 8.5 x 11" Insert w/ Lyrics

Recess #103


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