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(Wholesale) OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Hospitals (LP)

(Wholesale) OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Hospitals (LP)

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Hospitals Pressing info:Orange / Purple / Magenta Splatter - 500


01. Die Today 
02. Theme Song 
03. S.O.S 
04. Your Child Is Dead 
05. Idiot 
06. Hard To Admit 
07. Heroin In New York City 
08. Jackie Lee


From Ryan Young:

"10 years! It's been that long since we first released this record. I decided that since I'm back in the game of putting out records, I wanted to do something special for its first full decade in existence. I teamed up with Recess Records to offer a cool version of our first record. I reworked the art and printed everything myself. That means every bit of this, minus the pressing of the record itself was literally created by myself. I thought that going back to the DIY method for this record was a no brainer. On top of that, the first 250 of these sold get a free limited flexi 7" of an acoustic version of "Theme Song!" (SOLD OUT of versions with flexi's) Dope.

* Recess Records exclusively carries the WHITE vinyl! 

*** Because all of these are done by hand, some of the jackets have scuffs — might be less than perfect. That's the way I wanted it. To look like it didn't come out of a machine. If this is something that will bother you, don't order this record. I will do my best to not send you a garbage one, but I also won't take any returns. Just a heads up!"



• White Vinyl  
• Hand Printed Jackets by Ryan Young 
• Split release with Anxious and Angry

Pressing Info:

200 mint green, 200 opaque red, 200 white,    first 250 included free flexi  


Recess #98

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