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(Wholesale) PUD - The One On the Wall Is A Trout (LP+DL/CD)

(Wholesale) PUD - The One On the Wall Is A Trout (LP+DL/CD)


01. Wheels of Steel 
02. Momma 
03. The Death of General Yagov 
04. Too Fast for Life 
05. Shiver Me Timbers 
06. Ease the Pain 
07. Jimmy's Song 
08. Crizwell Wants More Gold 
09. Hearts n' Bones 
10. Tonight We Rock, Tomorrow We Roll 
11. Carrol Ann 
12. Wild Youth

(13-18 CD Only)

13. The Kids Wanna Rock n' Roll 
14. Breakout 
15. Papa 
16. Ragna Rock n' Roll 
17. In the 1980s 
18. Virtual Reality


Everybodies most favorite underrated yobs answer the question "what did happen to me in day camp?" Imagine Shane MacGowan singing for Sham 69, but wishing he was in the E Street Band? STOP IGNORING PUD!!! Released in 1997.



• LP Includes Download 
• LP Includes Two-Sided 8.5 x 11" Insert w/ Lyrics 
• CD Includes 6 Bonus Tracks

Recess #40

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