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(Wholesale) SEX OFFENDERS - S/T (LP/CD)

(Wholesale) SEX OFFENDERS - S/T (LP/CD)


01. America 
02. Sex Offender 
03. Middle Class Hell 
04. Dispairity 
05. Can't Take This 
06. Road Trip 
07. Suicide Girl 
08. This Town 
09. Three Day Blackout 
10. So Far Gone 
11. Forty Ounce 
12. You're Dead 
13. Self-Hatred 
14. That's Why I Steal 
15. No More 
16. Dope Sick 
17. Talk Show 
18. Thin White Line 
19. You-her-she-me


Kansas City's sleaziest come straight for your lil' buddys with their debut full-length. They sound like the Germs, Black Flag, etc., but with raspy female vocals. Sex Offenders are this generations Avengers, not just cos they cover one of their songs. Buy this before you don't. Released in 1998.



• Red Vinyl

Recess #48


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