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(Wholesale) SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Fun Factory LP (Green Vinyl)

(Wholesale) SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Fun Factory LP (Green Vinyl)

Limited green vinyl!

Welcome to Fun Factory, the debut full-length from Slaughterhouse. 12 tracks of fresh fun, dripping with thick bass grooves, sopping wet guitar riffs, driving drums and vocals that range from desperate cries to shouts of melodic melancholy. Slaughterhouse projects a reference to the past while creating nuanced and modern textures with depth well beyond that of a four-piece. Fronted by Veronica Molidor’s dynamic vocals, the rhythm section of Eddie Cairns on bass and Nick Aguilar on drums plow through the empty spaces of silence with ominous and bounding force that provides the auditory wake for Taylor Ramirez’s guitar to drone, buzz and howl its way through the darkest corners of Fun Factory. Recorded in Hermosa Beach at Screaming Leopard and produced by Fletcher Dragge and Patrick Burkholder, Fun Factory grinds out track after track of dire and unique tunes signature to a group looking for more than just a good time.






01. T.V. Age

02. The Rat

03. Time Killer

04. 911

05. Seasons

06. Reflections

07. Fun Factory

08. Micromanage

09. Murder Song

10. Paranoia

11. Telephone

12. Outro

Veronica Molidor  vocals

Eddie Cairns bass

Taylor Ramirez guitar

Nick Aguilar drums



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• Includes Download



Produced by Fletcher Dragge & Patrick Burkholder


Recorded at Screaming Leopard, Hermosa Beach, CA

Engineered by Patrick Burkholder

Mixed by Fletcher Dragge & Patrick Burkholder

Mastered by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering


Lyrics to: "Reflections," "Micromanage" & "Telephone" by Gaby Ramirez


Layout by Mirko Antich

Cover photo by Tommy Petroni

Back cover photo by Taylor Ramirez


All songs © Slaughterhouse





 • Split Release w/ Water Under the Bridge Records



REC #216 / WUB 027

LP Release Date: 01.25.22

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