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Clown Sounds-Preacher Maker Out Today! New Videos! More Red vinyl!

Today is release day for Clown Sounds-Preacher Maker! Thanx lots to all of you that preordered it. They shipped earlier this week,if you haven't received it yet.

We have some videos for you! Click here for a playlist of them.

Don't forget about the upcoming west coast Recess tour too!

Recess Ops Presents "OH NO! NOT THERE!" Tour 2018 VACATION (Ohio Golden Childs) CLOWN SOUNDS (San Pedro Prince of Pacifics) TREASURE FLEET (Chicago by The Way of LA) 10/10/18 SF at The Knockout with Shutups 10/11/18 Sacramento at Colonial Cafe with The Globs 10/12/18 Fullerton at Riff Mountain with Audacity 10/13/18 San Diego at Tower with JCCC 10/14/18 San Pedro at Harolds with Screaming Females,Kitten Forever, Rats in The Louvre, Weird Night

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